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Thank you for your interest in sight-creations templates. Sight-creations continues to create effects for Final Cut Pro X and markets those templates on and maintains a sister store on Creative Market. Due to possible penalties involved with GDPR and uncertainty in the underlying site software, does not participate and therefore urge EU customers to visit the Creative Market site. (Free items will not be available on Creative Market... there's no way to provide them.)

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Free means free access. You may download and use any of these plugins with the only restriction being: you cannot use these plugins to create stock footage/media or other template media that is "for sale" without permission.

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The files below are video clips. They can be downloaded from this page (right click to Save Link As, otherwise they'll just play.)

(_4x4 is ProRes 4444 format; nobad means no "bad film" effect)

smpte leader 2398fps 4x4
smpte leader 24fps h264 nobad.mp4
smpte leader X fnl.mp4
smpte leader X fnl
smpte leader X fnl
smpte leader X fnl nobad.mp4

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