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Notice: Free access will end some time in September and I will be transitioning to a sales model. The economy is hitting hard; donations have been soft, and YouTube/Google only credits me with 1 out of 13 views when paying for advertising quite probably because 12 out of 13 viewers are bypassing watching the video to get to the download link. That doesn't speak well for the quality of my videos... Oh well... live and learn.
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Free means free access. You may download and use any of these plugins with the only restriction being: you cannot use these plugins to create stock footage/media or other template media that is "for sale" without permission.

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The files below are video clips. They can be downloaded from this page (right click to Save Link As, otherwise they'll just play.)

(_4x4 is ProRes 4444 format; nobad means no "bad film" effect)

smpte leader 2398fps 4x4
smpte leader 24fps h264 nobad.mp4
smpte leader X fnl.mp4
smpte leader X fnl
smpte leader X fnl
smpte leader X fnl nobad.mp4

donaldsonville, la.